What the HELL Murphy??

There was this craze about 10 years ago, a "journal" phase. Everyone had a online journal or diary.  We spilled our souls out to the world and could not stand it if we didn't get comments or views.  Now everyone has a blog.  It's no big deal...although it has gone more to vlogging than anything else.

I used to be one of those idiots that spilled their guts out every day on Diaryland....then it was Livejournal.  Fairly certain that I still have a ton of the little icons that people used to make.  It was stupid and narcissistic to think that anyone would ever want to read that shit.  As I'm sure no one wants to read this crap now.....that's  no problem.

But I digress....

I am living in a very interesting time of my life. I don't act my age and most people don't believe that I'm 42.  I am also not hip to the things that are going around either so there is that.  2017 was the most messed up year of my entire life.  It started in March of 2017, I had been admitted to the hospital and was in there for about 3 weeks.  Long story short I fubared my right foot.  Came home with an IV, several holes in my foot from multiple surgeries.  Fun stuff dude. Over the next few months things did not seem like they were going to stop.  The water heater burst and poured over 60 gallons of water into three rooms.  Contractors came in...good times.  Pulling up to August,  was back in the hospital this time I went into ARH and was transferred to RMH.  Annnnnnnnnnnnnnnnd they amputated my left foot/leg.  Technically it's a below knee amputation.  (BKA)

So now I'm in a wheelchair, I'm determined, this will not beat me. I have lived in hell for most of my adult life, I'm not about to give up now.